Dr. Ted Suzelis has changed my life. Before I went to see him, I had been having chronic migraine headaches for years. When I came to him I had had a 24-48hr migraine with mild headaches through the week for 5 consecutive weeks. They were so bad I could only lay on my couch with the exception of getting up to vomit. My two children had to take care of me, my house was a mess because I could not keep up with the physical demands of cleaning it, and my husband had extra stress put on him when he got home from a full day of work, when there was no dinner, etc. To say the least my headaches were a huge disruption to my family which is my life. I was growing very discouraged thinking I may have to suffer from these for the rest of my life. After taking a prescription pain reliever that gave me horrible side effects , I knew that the answer was not to cover up the pain but find the cause of it. I was inspired to go see Dr. Suzelis, and I’m so glad I did! During the first visit he tested all my organs and systems with technology I wish more people knew about. He then recommended the supplements (with no harmful side effects) that would best assist my individual needs and bring my body to a balanced state. He also put me on a blood type diet. The adjustment in my eating was a bit of a challenge at first, like any change in life, but now it just comes very easy and natural to me. I gave up some of my favorite foods, the same foods that use to put me on my couch in severe pain. I am happy and proud to say I am now headache free! I no longer live in fear of when my next headache is going to come and I have much more energy. Our family is healthy and joyful. What a relief, the difference between night and day…Thank you Thank you Dr. Ted