Dr Ted, I am absolutely thrilled! As you know when I first came to see you I had been exercising regularly and watching what I ate. My cholesterol report in August of 2004 was 256. The physician I was seeing wanted to put me on cholesterol reducing pills. I did not want to take them. After taking supplements of flaxseed and borage oil my cholesterol was down to 226 in December of 2004. Then I came to you for advice and started the blood type diet. I am an “O” and was about 90% compliant with the diet when I got the results of my last report. I am extremely happy to report that from changing to the blood type diet for just 5 weeks my cholesterol is now 193 and my triglycerides are also normal. I am so happy and plan to stay on the diet and off the pills!!! Thanks so much for your help.